About the T-ROC

In 2013, the Board of Directors of the California Tow Truck Association unanimously formed the Towing Regulatory Oversight Council, known as the “T-ROC.” The T-ROC has been delegated the exclusive authority to take positions on behalf of the Board on all regulatory issues that may impact the California Tow Truck Association and the industry it serves and to communicate those positions to the various agencies and branches of government, such as the CHP, Cal Trans, CARB, DMV, the California Legislature, Governor, and local governments.

In order to ensure the T-ROC is fair and balanced and reflects the experience, needs, challenges and unique circumstances of a broad cross section of the towing industry, the T-ROC is comprised of an equal number of experienced towing industry professionals, with a minimum of 10-years towing experience, from the Northern and Southern parts of California from the following categories: 1) Small Fleet, 2) Large Fleet, 3) Rural, 4) Motor Club, 5) Law Enforcement, 6) Heavy Duty, 7) Private Property, 8) Education & Training, and 9) Two affiliated towing organizations: The United Coalition for Motor Club Safety (UCMCS), and the Official Police Garage Association of Los Angeles.

To further ensure that T-ROC positions fairly reflect a broad cross section of the California Tow Truck Association, the T-ROC may not take a position on any regulatory matter until at least three quarters of the Members of the T-ROC are in agreement.

To ensure there is no confusion as to the position the T-ROC may take on any particular issue, positions are required to be in writing, signed by the Co-Chairs and posted on the T-ROC website.  In addition, only the Co-Chairs, CTTA’s General Counsel and Legislative Advocate, and CTTA’s Executive Director, upon the direction of the T-ROC, are authorized to communicate and negotiate with the various regulatory agencies of the State.  

The T-ROC is specifically designed to address the concerns and needs of California’s broad spectrum of towers and their unique interests.  The map below, broken up by the Northern and Southern regions, represents the geographic diversity and balance of the T-ROC.  Each star is placed at the location of each T-ROC Member’s business.